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“Neendra” by Shibani Kashyap will most certainly leave you wide awake, ready for a long drive




Singer: Shibani Kashyap, Composer: KP Music, Lyrics: Veen Ranjha, Featuring: Abhishek Verma & Kashika Kapoor, Director: Aslam Khan, Music on- Zee Music Company
An exotic location, catchy lyrics, refreshing music, talented actors and an extraordinary crew; isn’t it the definition of a chart buster song? We guess it is. Shibani Kashyap’s new release titled “Neendra” is gaining a lot of attention from music lovers who are loving everything right from the music to the dance moves and the lyrics! 
Truly punjabi, peppy and lively in its best sense, “Neendra” has the spur of making you groove effortlessly. A perfect concoction of fun, entertainment, dance, it is yet another brilliant offering to the audience by Shibani Kashyap. 
Shibani Kashyap says “I truly enjoyed singing this very catchy, groovy and dreamy song Neendra, composed by KP Music and written by Veen Ranjha. It’s a genre that I love singing and relate to, it’s a Hindi Punjabi mixed song. I love singing in Punjabi. The video is so bright and beautifully directed, Kashika Kapoor looks gorgeous and abhishek Verma looks really cute they ve both performed really well. I am sur the youth will love this song and groove to it!!”

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