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National Girl Child Day: These things need to be addressed at a fundamental level, says Rewati Limaye



National Girl Child Day: These things need to be addressed at a fundamental level, says Rewati Limaye

Actress Rewati Limaye says that right from being a girl child, to a woman stepping out at night, the female population of our country is never safe. She says that this situation needs to change.

“I think firstly women’s safety is a big issue and it really needs to be stressed. I think, as a woman, it’s extremely sad that every time I step out of the house, I am always thinking if I am late will I be able to get back home safely or will I get a cab or not, or will I be teased or what if something happens. It’s very sad that as women’s need to think about such things whereas when a man goes out even at 2:00am, he wouldn’t have to think about such things. Secondly, since I work in the entertainment industry our schedules are very erratic and there are times when our shoot ends at 2:00 am or 4:00am also. I have been lucky that I have always had company from the cast, crew or the production team. But there are so many girls who have to go home alone. It’s an extremely sad reality that we can’t do anything about at the moment,” she says.

She adds, “There are laws in place but till what extent these laws are implemented needs to be seen. You see so many cases of eveteasing, rape, child abuse or women abusing that are not even registered. These incidents are happening everywhere around the country. People need to fear these rules and actions. Educating your children with good values plays a huge role in their life. We need to teach the children to respect and equality between men and women both. We do as a society we have come a long way, as a woman in India I feel much more safe. If we see women in Afghanistan and Iran women are being banned from educating themselves from universities. We have a long way to go like mistreated in the work environment, pay disparity, mistreatment at home, women always need to take double responsibility. Things like this need to be addressed at a fundamental level.