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National Girl Child Day: Celebs feel strict laws and gender education can help build a safe space for girls



National Girl Child Day: Celebs feel strict laws and gender education can help build a safe space for girls

National Girl Child Day is observed in India on January 24. It was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to create awareness about the issues faced by girls in our society. Celebs feel that gender education, which should begin at home, is the key to the awareness that society needs today. Here’s what they had to say on celebrating National Girl Child Day and building a safe society for girls:

Ranndeep R Raii
The main objective of inaugurating National Girl Child Day is to understand the injustice that girls experience in society, the privileges of girls, and the necessity of their learning, safety, and nourishment. The event includes several governments of India programs and initiatives, such as Save the Girl Child and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. We should be celebrating womens, girls everyday but I am so happy that we have a specific day to celebrate them. Men, boys have always been privileged everywhere and everytime now it is our time to be sensible and sensitive towards womens, and to start taking stand for them equally. Because I believe that women are no longer supposed to sit in the house or the kitchen. They are way more multitasking than we think. And I am sure that we all have heard this:”When you educate a girl, you educate a nation and Without her, there is no tomorrow”

Hitanshu Jinsi:
Those who are found guilty must be punished harshly. Be it a girl, a boy, or a transgender, everyone has the right to live peacefully, and no one should treat anyone badly. Only with the strict laws and fear of getting punished, we can expect people to stop mistreating others.

Ambuj Dixit:
Society is built by the people and their ideologies. The core reason for situations where such issues cannot completely resolve lies in the very past during the time when children were made conscious of their gender differences. People are not comfortable teaching their children about sex education and hence over a period of time, the restricted ideologies are broken down with the vile actions of mankind resulting in eve teasing, rapes, and female abuse. People of our country need education and logic, which should stand above the old age cultural rules. Women should be taught more about how to defend themselves, and self-defense training than how to always carry themselves, and how they should always look good or speak respectfully. Martial arts can be one of the primary subjects in our country. Such changes will teach us to upgrade our knowledge and skills to handle situations on our own and by the government.


Kate Sharma:
Being a person who was solely brought up by my mother as my father wanted to abort me, such questions always touch my nerve. I am proud of my mother and my nani who were very strong and decided to give birth to me. Hats off to the people who took the initiative of starting the National Girl Child Day but very few know about it. It is our duty to spread this and make others aware of it. I feel laws about women’s protection have been taken very lightly. One of the major reasons is illiteracy. Education comes as a very important part here. I think the law should be very strict at this point, like giving capital punishment or the death penalty to people who dare to mistreat girls in our society.

Esha Gaur:
We are in the 21st century yet there is a lot of discrimination between boys and girls which starts in our homes. From the very beginning, we should teach our girls to be independent and also to be respected, at the same time they must not disrespect anyone till they misbehave. Girls shouldn’t take undue advantage of being a girl and they shouldn’t let people misuse them too. At the same time, boys should be taught to respect girls and treat everyone equally. I have a daughter and I always teach her that anyone in your life be it a boy or anyone who gives you respect and treats you nicely always deserves to be treated the same way. It is very important to see that you are respected and genuinely loved.

Mitaali Nag:
Irrespective of the country, women have been mistreated across the globe. In a country like India where female gods are worshiped and prayed to, the birth of a girl child is still not celebrated in most households. Our scriptures say that we lived in a matriarchal society until the invaders and Britishers changed and influenced our value system. I feel women themselves should be blamed to a great extent for how they accept being treated. And this will happen with education which brings confidence in oneself. Men should also be taught to respect women and not think of them as the weaker sex, and this teaching should begin at home.

Nikhil Nanda
If we see recently even the head of the women commission in Delhi, she was harassed on the roads of Delhi. We have definitely been making new laws and rules but what we are not teaching at our home to our sons is how to be more sensitive and sensible towards women. This has to grow from inside which is a house. It all happens when the parents start discriminating between girls and boys that girls wouldn’t go out, she can’t do this and on the other side boys are on free hand to do everything. That kind has been set in the minds of people and teenagers. So we need to bring in cultural change in the society of how we teach the children, how we bring them up and how we sensitise them towards women.