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“Managing business and acting together is not everyone’s cup of tea”, says actress Jyoti Saxena while managing both with ease



"Managing business and acting together is not everyone's cup of tea", says actress Jyoti Saxena while managing both with ease

Jyoti Saxena is one of those actors who has unquestionably established herself in the entertainment field with her diligence and commitment. However, acting hasn’t been her only passion, the actress is also a very successful entrepreneur and has been running a business with her brother for over years now.

Jyoti Saxena has managed to make her niche in the business world as well. The actress manages both her acting and her business like a pro, on which she says, “I always had a dream of being an actress and making a name for myself in the tinsel town. But being from a business-oriented family, I always had a scoop of doing something with my family and helping them in the business in every way possible, be it in planning over marketing, or strategizing things. I always had fun doing that, but slowly this all became my priority when my brother and I took over our security business. Like any other business, ours also requires a lot of attention. But for me to juggle between shoots and meetings have always been fun, but I feel it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to manage everything together”

The actress further said, “I make sure I plan my days and my shoots accordingly to ensure nothing goes south, I also have a team alongside me who manages everything in my absence. But this has now become my thing and I enjoy it as it always keeps me occupied.”

It is really not everyone’s cup of tea, but our talented actress knows how to manage them. With her intense dedication, she is pouring out inspiration for all the ladies out there who are still struggling to manage their life.