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Lock up Update! Video! Payal looks beautiful to Munnawar, Poonam praises Payal, Mandana and Payal have a fierce fight



 The scuffle between the players in the lock-up arena has now become very easy because until there is no attack, how will there be eyeballs! But when words of praise come from players in the same Lock Upp, you watch in disbelief! Yes, Munnawar and Poonam Pandey now have words of love for Payal Rohatgi, who has always been in the news in the house because of her straight forwardness.
 Payal Rohatgi looks beautiful to these prisoners who always target Payal. How!!! Well, it seems true. Recently, the production house released a video on their social media in which Poonam asks Munnavar, Anjali and Ali, “Do I do a little eye make-up? Mera face tired lagta raha hai kya? Ali and Munnavar laugh at this. And they say that these questions are wrong. “Because you are not looking like tired. She is looking more beautiful than Poonam”. Poonam agrees, “Payal is very beautiful”.
 Payal and Mandana’s fight also seems to be the center of attention. The fight begins when Payal returns from yoga and tells her fellow prisoners “I was doing yoga, so she tells from inside her blanket that while doing yoga, die.” To this, Mandana says that she did not say this and her Hindi is not like that either. Then Payal says “Intellect is in knees. You are an uneducated woman, Mandana Karimi. And then Mandana walks closer to Payal to which Payal says “Now she is coming on me. How can she tell me like that”. You only eat and you are the filth of this jail”. Then Payal says “You left the show and went back, why did you come back”? And Shivam Sharma is seen enjoying all this.
 Now what shape the rift between Mandana and Payal will take next, it will be known in a few weeks. But the way Payal is accompanied by the rest of the players. Viewers are also showering their love on Payal. And the lioness is also supporting by speaking. And perhaps this is the reason that recently there was an argument between Zeeshan Khan and Payal, after which Payal also apologized to Zeeshan and all the Muslim brothers. She considers Zeeshan as her younger brother, and is playing the game strong.

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