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Kavya Keeran will rule bollywood



The person who is attached to her roots never gives up when there are lakhs of storms or any trouble. In the face of all difficulties, she stands stronger and these basic things of a human being are his values, culture and love for his family. Kavya Kiran is also bound by these principles. Actress Kavya Kiran hails from Bhubaneswar, the capital of the state of Odisha. For a long time, her entire family is living in Maya city, Mumbai. Kavya was an introvert and shy in her childhood.

Due to which the family members used to think that how will she go ahead in her life, but with her courage and passion, she proved that she is not less than anyone and is capable of doing every task with ease, fearlessness. His family also supported him a lot and always stood by him. Kavya has learned classical dance and after completing her studies, she also did a part time job. But due to the attraction towards films, she could not stay away from Mayanagari.

To fulfill his dream, she stepped into the world of modeling and acting and this step of her took her towards his better future. She has worked in many commercials like BSNL, Hot n Due Perfume. Apart from this, advertisements have also been done for more than a hundred prints of jewellery, saris, salwar etc. Kavya believes in working continuously.

She is working in Neeraj Pathak’s upcoming multi starrer web series ‘Inspector Avinash’. In which Randeep Hooda is in the lead role, Kavya’s opposite Freddy Daruwala is going to be released soon. This is a story based on a real life. Which is a story full of mystery and adventure of the nineties. The character of Kavya in this is quite interesting.

His one short movie ‘Thirteen’ and the film ‘To Na Ra Mane Ya’ will soon be among the audience. Kavya has many upcoming projects. She is shooting f vhor Sukhwinder Singh’s ‘Dancerki’ in Hindi film and Hindi film ‘Chopper’ by Seven Series Production.

Recently she worked in Rajiv Mohanty’s Odia film ‘Bhoka’. This is a real life story of a lower middle class family who live in cities. This is the story of the turmoil in that family’s life due to the corona pandemic. This film got a lot of love from the audience and critics and got accolades, this film is going to go to many film festivals. Kavya has worked in Hindi and Oriya films, music albums, web series, short films and commercials.
Kavya has received the Best Actress Award in the year 2019 by the Orissa Government for the Oriya film ‘Khushi’. She has been honored with Chalchitra Award for the film ‘Bhoka’. She has also been honored with the Indian Glory Award for Indian Individual Excellence.
Earlier shehas worked in the movie ‘Rang E Ishq, Ram Ratan, Ishqiyat’. She also appeared in the promotional song ‘Nasha Menu Chad Gaya’ of T-Series. She is also in an important role in the Odia film ‘Rahasya The Mystery’ and ‘Raghu Sagar’. His short film ‘Fafhundi’ is the story of the struggles and challenges of a rape victim’s life. She was also a part of Rajiv Walia’s ministry documentary song ‘Betiyan’.
She has worked in the music video ‘Patangi’, as well as the Odia web film ‘Expose’ being her recent web series in which her work has been appreciated.
Poetry believes that before fulfilling your dreams, you should become financially prosperous, after that you should move forward in the world of your dreams or in the world of your dreams so that even if there is failure in the initial time, then you will not break yours. Stay confident and you should not have the problem of depression due to unemployment. For this, if you have to go ahead by climbing a small ladder, then that is also right.
She has the view that every woman is a form of power. It is important for them to recognize themselves. They should not adopt obscenity or nudity just to be famous because cinema world is the source of inspiration for many people. Today the people themselves are intelligent, you can create your own image among the public by your actions.

Kavya is a personality related to spirituality. In the field of acting, she appreciates Sridevi, Kajol, Kangana Ranaut, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik. Kavya believes that society follows cinema, so today unnecessary scenes should be avoided in films, web series, short films shown in digital platforms.

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