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“It’s easy to spot talent now with technology,” says Talent Manager Yazad Daruwala.



A lot of people enter the entertainment industry every day. While some aspire to become actors, some want to make it big behind the camera.
One such name is Yazad Daruwala who has been a part of the fraternity for several years and has been the man behind the launch of many popular actors, like Shruti Anand, Pranali Rathod, Rachi Sharma and many more. He is the owner of the company “Casting Beans”, which handles many popular talents in the industry. From grooming actors to shaping their lives in the industry, Yazad with his team, has proved himself every now and then 
Talent management agency “Casting Beans” owner , Yazad Daruwala, has been a well known name in the world of entertainment. His body of work, which spans over 10 years, has discovered the best talentsin the industry.
With an interesting journey of more than 10 years, Yazad has successfully worked on television, films, advertisements and OTT, which have gone ahead to become audiences’ favourite. He is the one who has given us some of the most talented actors and actresses who are big names today.
Looking back at his journey, Yazad recalls how technology has made things easier for everyone now. Although his start was very different.
“I started my journey at a time when social media and technology weren’t known by everyone. Now things are so easy. I remember the time when I used to take photos and portfolios of talented actors and go from one production house to another. Hunting for talent was a different task in those days, but it’s easy to spot talent now with technology. Now Instagram and WhatsApp have come, things have become easier,”  says Yazad.
Talking about the gaining prominence of talent managers over the last few years, Yazad says, “Earlier, no one really knew anything about talent managers and how they operate. But thanks to technology and advancement, this profession is gaining prominence these days. Spotting new talent was a bit difficult and a different task earlier, but with the rise in social media and other technologies, things in the entertainment industry have started to function in a different way.”

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