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Imtiyaz Bhat and Ebadat Bhat making acting debut with Zuber K Khan’s Directorial Debut ‘Pyar Mei Qurban’, Which is Set to Create a Stir in Bollywood



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Bollywood is abuzz with excitement as Zuber K Khan’s directorial debut ‘Pyar Mei Qurban’ is set to hit theaters soon. The film stars Zuber K Khan, Imtiyaz Khan, Ebadat Bhat, and Roma Arora in the lead roles with Arun Bakshi and Zeeshan Ahmed Khan.

Zuber K Khan, who is already a well-known face in Bollywood as an actor, is making his directorial debut with ‘Pyar Mei Qurban’. The film is being produced by Imtiyaz Bhat and M. Tasleem, and the rest of the cast and crew are highly talented and experienced.

The teaser of the film was released in Andheri, Mumbai, and it has already created quite a stir among film enthusiasts. The teaser promises a thrilling romantic storyline, and audiences have been impressed with the cinematography, music, and performances.

Zeeshan Ahmed Khan, who is playing a special appearance as a police officer in the film, is expected to leave a lasting impression on audiences. Arun Bakshi’s inclusion in the film is also highly anticipated.


The film’s producers, Imtiyaz Bhat and M. Tasleem, are confident that ‘Pyar Mei Qurban’ will be a hit with audiences. The film promises to be a thrilling ride, and audiences are eagerly awaiting its release.

Overall, ‘Pyar Mei Qurban’ is set to create a stir in Bollywood. With Zuber K Khan’s directorial debut and a talented cast and crew, the film is sure to be a hit with audiences. Fans can’t wait to see what the film has in store for them when it releases in theaters very soon.

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