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How Rahul Bhatia Became a Social Media Star?



A Journey of Viral Reels and Relatable Content

Rahul Bhatia is a name that has taken social media by storm. With millions of views on Instagram reels and a rapidly growing following on YouTube, he has become a social media sensation in a short span of time. In an exclusive conversation, he shared his journey, how he and his wife create relatable content, and the secret behind their viral success.

The Beginning of a Viral Journey

Rahul Bhatia started his journey on social media during the lockdown period. “We started vlogging in lockdown. We post funny videos, relatable content, and question and answer videos on which people comment,” says Rahul. The content that he and his wife, Meenakshi, create is all about everyday life experiences, and they write the script in such a way that people enjoy watching it. It is this relatability factor that has made their videos go viral.


“We also have a national record of 120 Million views in one reel on Instagram, and that is the highest so far on Instagram! We also made a video where we spoke about Kiara Advani’s wedding, and that one has 65 Million Views on Instagram. We made another video which was a collaboration video of Sonu Sood with Khaby Lame, and that has 70-80 million views,” he adds.

The Power of Shorter Content

The popularity of social media has led to a shift in people’s preferences when it comes to content consumption. Rahul explains that the attention span of people is gradually decreasing, and people enjoy shorter content. “Now people are getting into shorter versions of content. Earlier movies would be for at least 4 hours, then 3, 2, and now even half an hour movies are there. People have started watching short series on OTT as well. And people love watching vlogs which are barely 10 minutes long. So, the attention span of people is gradually decreasing because of which people enjoy shorter content.”

Building an Engaged Audience

Engagement with the audience is a crucial aspect of social media, and Rahul emphasizes the importance of building a connection with his followers. “Social media is the best way to interact with the audience. People DM us, and also comment on our posts. When we talk to them, the engagement gradually increases, and people also feel connected with us,” he says.


The Secret to Viral Reels

Creating viral reels is not an easy task, but Rahul and Meenakshi seem to have mastered the art. The secret behind their success, according to Rahul, is teamwork. “As both of us write the script, it gets easier because we both are creative people. It’s fun to work on it together,” he says.

Looking Ahead

Rahul’s success on social media has opened up new opportunities for him. Although he is currently focused on his business in Delhi, he has received a lot of offers for web series and TV shows. “Recently, I have been getting a lot of offers in web series. But I want to take a little time before getting into web series,” he says. However, acting remains his passion, and he plans to return to it as soon as he gets a chance.

Rahul’s social media journey is a testament to the power of relatable content and engagement. By creating content that resonates with people, he has built a loyal following, and his viral reels are a testament to his success.


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