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Honey Narayan an Airhostess




What makes you happy? 

This question never made sense to me. Why would something need to happen for me to feel happy? Why couldnt I be happy without having something to change or someone to do something for me? 

Since I was a little girl, I would be smiling to myself – people found that odd. I guess I was just a curious kid, with the world as a village fair with amazing sights, smells, sounds and I was just happy to have been given the opportunity to explore. 

Once I completed my graduation, I found employment in an airline to be cabin crew. I loved wearing the uniform, loved talking to people and watching them as they flew in and flew out – sometimes smiling, sometimes sad but always interesting. And I would love the way, with just one word of kindness, or one smile, their faces changed. I had the power to change frowns to smiles. In fact everyone does – they just don’t know yet. 


An opportunity  to be cabin crew helped me, literally, to fly. Since 2013, I grew wings and travelled from place to place – touching the lives of thousands of people – exploring the power of the human smile. 

Being born and brought up in North India, I volunteered for flying out of Chennai. It was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. I learnt to understand small cultural nuances, how a North Indian nod differed from a South Indian one. And how people were just people. And they responded to kindness with even more kindness.  I recognised familiar faces on familiar routes, their likes and smiles – and learnt about human psychology and how social we are. 

The party scene never appealed to me. I would rather spend time in flower markets and playing with street children, learning how to speak the language from them, then spend my money in nightclubs. I guess that made me different. I made some beautiful friends amongst the Captains, crew and other service providers in the airline – and always got respect because I treated others with respect. 

A sudden opportunity to model for apparel piqued my interest and since it also boosted my meagre salary, I spent some time modelling. And through modelling I was approached to participate in a beauty pageant. And I am glad I experienced how difficult life in the lights is. I met my best friend at a pageant – and she and I hit it off right at the beginning. She was everything I was not – gorgeously beautiful, confident about herself and fun to be with. I guess she chose me as a best friend because I calmed her down and made her smile at herself. 

I changed cities from Chennai to Hyderabad. I always loved pets – Indic dogs and cats were my favorite and I have adopted a cat and he is my soul-buddy.  I adore my Nani and love it when she comes and spends time with me away from the bustle of the native village. My younger sister being a professional working out of Bengaluru makes up my world – we travel to each other and spend time laughing at her cooking and my singing. 


Cooking is a passion – and I pick up tips from Chefs in 5 star hotels during layovers as crew as also from roadside eateries and home cooks. When I am not flying, I am working on my dreams – someday I will be an Entrepreneur and with Make in India starting to shine – I know that my time is just around the corner. 

Till then, I smile and continue to change moods and emotions of passengers with a kind word, a joke and a compliment. 

Because happiness – is within!

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