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#Homecoming’ to have a song dedicated to Kolkata city voiced by Sameer Rahat and Rashmeet Kaur



College drama musical, ‘#Homecoming’ starring Sayani Gupta, Tushar Pandey, Hussain Dalal, Soham Majumdar, Platiba Borthakur and Tuhina Das in the lead roles and directed by Soumyajit Majumdar has a song dedicated to Kolkata as the team’s special ode to their favourite city in the world. The song, named ‘Jugnu Hote Hain’ is being voiced by Rashmeet Kaur and lyricist-singer and composer Sameer Rahat, son of legendary poet Rahat Indori.
Soumyajit says, “We wanted to shoot the Jugnu Hota Hain promotional music video as a love letter to Kolkata. The concept of shooting the video in a vintage tram came from there. We haven’t seen many music videos shot in a tram actually. It was great to have Sameer and Rashmeet join us in Kolkata. It was fun travelling from one depot to another and shooting inside a tram with a minimal crew. Rusha, my batchmate from film school who has partly shot the film, shot the music video and another batchmate, Ritchik, joined in to direct it. An old friend, longtime collaborator and fellow Kolkata lover Meghdhut curated the video. We have something magical, can’t wait for the video release.”
Sameer Rahat adds, “The song Jugnu Hote Hai is an alternate version of our main song Jugnu Hai from the #Homecoming film. It had to be recorded this way because the entire soul and feel of the song is in the melody of it. Soumyajit (director) and I felt it’s important to do a version that is completely minimal so that people can really feel the tune and words, that’s why we made this version. We made it into a music video to help reach a wider audience. To be able to shoot in Calcutta was always a dream of mine. It’s one of my favorites in the entire world. I have many friends there and also relate to the culture, the city is full of love and joy. Soumyajit’s idea of shooting the video in a tram, secluded and isolated from the outside was a beautiful concept and has come out really well with Rusha and Ritchik helping us out with the video. It was an incredible experience and a smooth shoot. I hope you will give us all the love and appreciate the music video.”
Singer Rashmeet Kaur added, “Singing the song ‘Jugnu Hote Hain’ was a magical experience for me. I love the lyrics, the composition and everything about the song. It was truly a peaceful experience to sing this song. It will always be close to my heart. The music video shoot was a unique experience too. Sitting in a tram while it was moving through the streets of Kolkata. I could connect with the lyrics so much, as the chorus says ‘Maiń tere zehen ke andheroń meiń Roshan huñ.’ The feeling of two people sitting together, secluded from the world that was outside the tram. Of course there was a crew shooting with us, but it felt like it was just Sameer and I. I also got to sit in a tram for the first time, which is like 100 years old.”

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