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From education to infrastructure; India has grown but still has a long way to go, says celebs this Republic Day



From education to infrastructure; India has grown but still has a long way to go, says celebs this Republic Day

With different developing sectors India has never stopped itself from growing ahead. New India is coming out in the form of a global example. However, here is what must change, according to these celebrities

Aditya Shukla
Well, as a country and an economy, we have grown in leaps and bounds. It’s amazing to see the purchasing power of new India. The innovation and development in all the sectors is beyond imagination. We, as a nation of such diverse beliefs and cultures, have not just grown but have also set an example to other nations all over the world how unity and cooperation amongst people from various backgrounds is possible. I feel extremely proud to say I am an Indian and it comes from our fellow Indians who have made a mark in all spheres of life on the world stages. A huge number of Indians are in leadership positions in various countries around the world from corporate organisations to politics to sports and social service. It makes my chest swell with pride. One of the areas that I feel we should improve is by giving our youth wings. Investing in the talent that the youth possess so that they do not run to other countries and serve them. We have the capability to have India produce organisations like Google, Apple, Mercedes and many more. All we need to do is believe in the future generations and invest in them so that our talent can be of value and assistance to our country. Jai Hind.

Karan Singh Chhabra
It’s a good feeling that our country is being perceived as a global example in terms of growth, however I believe we need to see the growth around us first to believe the impact of the overall growth. When I roam around on the streets of Mumbai, especially Andheri West, the conditions of roads are so bad that either there are speed makers that are made by the government or there are the natural speed breaks such as the pot holes. Mumbai being an expensive city where the property prices will never be reduced, the taxes would be charged from us etc, then why can’t we get good roads so that we can drive properly. I want to say that whoever is facing a similar problem should come up and take the initiative. They can take pictures and use any form of media to bring awareness to this. Apart from that, we should not litter around and take care of things that are in our control. We should try to improve our surroundings. Better infrastructure overall will lead to more and more productivity and more business coming in.

Kate Sharma
Yes, indeed India is growing and developing at a rapid pace especially in space research and technology. Also, the e-commerce surge in the past decade or so has been commendable. But I still feel we lack in infrastructure planning and so there are many uncompleted projects pushing deadlines forward ,and the quality of material used is below par. One of the biggest issues I see is the rightful use of tax, GST. Corruption is in the blood of politicians. This issue has been there in the past and rather than decreasing it keeps on increasing.


Hitanshu Jinsi
India which is called Sone Ki Chidiya cannot be compared with any other country. We have so many different cultures, languages and above all there is unity and brotherhood. Even during Covid, India fought the pandemic better than any other country. Now, we are even reaching greater heights in the sports and entertainment sector and we are recognised all over the globe. Today, many big companies are offering great positions to Indian people as well. However, there are few things that India needs to work on like the growing crimes in cities such as Delhi. The infrastructure too needs to be worked upon. The condition of roads needs to be improved. Along with that more hygiene steps must be implemented by the government and the littering must be minimised. If we all come together and do our own bit then India would come out to be a stronger nation as a whole.

Esha Gaur
I think every sector is growing and shaping beautifully but still infrastructure needs to be looked upon. There should be more opportunities especially for art related people.

Chitra Vakil Sharma
The government has taken up its responsibilities greatly. The development around us is commendable, and everything is getting better with time, it is such a proud feeling when we listen to the good works of our Indian Government globally. In 9 years, India has moved from 9th place to 5th place on the ranking of world economies, and in just a few years with lots of hard work, good changes, and improvisations we will definitely rise to the 1st position. The area which needs immense progress is our infrastructure and our healthcare sector, we desperately need our infrastructure to improve as good infrastructure is the answer to many of our difficulties. The advancement in infrastructure will result in a better quality of life for each and every citizen of our country, and it will also be a huge support to the betterment of the Public Health Care Sector. To date, 70 % of the Indian population still chooses to see a private unit, and the trust in the public sector hasn’t been established as yet, the advancements in it will definitely make India’s Public Health Care sector the first priority as it is in other parts of the world.

Simaran Kaur
I think India is on its way to become the superpower of the world. We have a well educated and trained young and vibrant workforce, the best technical institutes, the sharpest minds in science, engineering, technology and medicine and on top of that political leaders who are determined to make India no. 1. We have progressed so much in the last 75 years and now we have the 5th largest GDP in the world. It is a testament to how India has grown and I am sure we will continue to grow at a much faster rate in the coming decades. While most countries are experiencing economic slow down, India is still going strong. We have done great work in the tech sector. I think moving forward we need to improve access to healthcare even more and control inflation. I am confident we will be able to achieve our goal of a 5 trillion economy and my beloved country will continue to prosper.

Aadesh Chaudhary
India is maturing and today we have a flawlessly organised system fostering new start-ups. We have transformed into a digital nation and in the new India, a lot of things are happening. India has always been distinct from other nations and the country is extremely extraordinary with its incredible natural beauty, ancient history, magnificent structures, and unique culture. However, it cannot be denied that India has changed significantly over time. India is a market leader in several fields now, including IT, medicines, autos, and all other necessities of the modern world. Since gaining independence, a lot has happened, and because of this, we can conclude that “India has become a world superpower”, but we still have a ways to go. Every one of us can contribute some or other small thing to make India a developed country. Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day.


Hansa Singh
I look upto this day as a proud Indian and over the years we have grown and how. We might have got delayed due to various reasons but as of now I can see a lot of progress happening in every field with the government taking the right initiative. The growth of a country happens only when what the government does, we as citizens of the country rationally participate in that and be part of the whole system and that’s how we can put ourselves in the growth of our own country and that’s what I look forward to. Even if you do a little bit for the betterment of the country by not spitting in the street then that will help a lot because this thing is being rampant. Until the citizens take these rational steps to make our country better. I am happy with all the initiatives as far as the empowerment is concerned and the infrastructure is concerned. The way the new flyovers are being built, new bridges are coming up, they are just making India travel shorter in distance. This whole infrastructure exploring gives you more impetus to drive. With our basic ethos being intact we are emerging India as a very powerful nation with its voice being heard all across the globe. People are looking up to India which has happened off late and it’s the beauty of being led by the powerful and right kind of government at the centre which is trying to make the youngsters and the adults as a unity and moving forward. I am happy the way India is rising and shining. Jai Hind and Happy Republic Day.

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