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First India and Bharat24-Vision of New India presents “First India Queen”



First India and Bharat24-Vision of New India presents “First India Queen”

4th runners up
(Akansha Bhalla and shrishti Rana crowned the winner )

3rd runners up
(Jayanthi ballal crowned the winner )

2nd runners up
(Poonam Pandey crowned)

1ST Runner Up
(Karishma modi crowned)


(Dr.Jagdeesh Chandra CMD First India Group Crowned the winner)

Umar Riaz, Vishal Kotian, Karanvir Bohra, Mrunal Jain Shibani Kashyap, Simran Ahuja, Riya Soni, Archana L Pania,Karishma Modi Chandhokle, Srishti Rana, Khalid Ansari, Kavita Chauhan, Gokul Ganesh, Nida Khateeb, Lekh Uthaiah ,Shreya Gupta, Preal Agarwal, Chahak Bhandula, Rehaa Khann, Preeti Shenoy, Manish rai singhani, Khalid, Dr. Jagdish Chandra, Prashant Virendra Sharma, & many more were awarded for their valuable contributions in their respective fields.

Celebrating beauty, women empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership across different backgrounds & ethnicities

Judges- Anita Hada, Rajendra Jain, Archana Kochhar, Parimal Mehta, Dr. Priti Shenai, Roopmati Manere- Dy. Commissioner State Tax (GST)Thane, Jayanthi Ballal (Founder Mysore Fashion Week), Karishma Modi, Akanksha Bhalla,  Poonam Pandey, Ishika Taneja, Shibani Kashyap, Raayo S. Bakhirta & Nitinn R Miranni, Aditi Jaggi Rastogi, Madhuri Bhosale

21st October, 2022- It is all about fashion, beauty, women empowerment and motivating women from all walks of life to portray confidence on the ramp. “First India Queen’ beauty pageant concluded with a star studded grandiose grand finale on the 21st October, 2022 at Sahara Star where 30 women uplifted each other through their journey in the pageant.


“First India Queen” is a platform of inspiration, learning and stardom for a common girl – coming from different parts of the country. The pageant celebrates inner beauty and talent as much as the physical appearance of any contestant, and hence it is instrumental in setting standards for evaluating and expressing the inner beauty of an Indian woman.

What makes “First India Queen” shine amongst other beauty pageants is their ideology. They understand the process through which women can become a symbol of national identity and pride with collective ideas to bring a change to the community.

The event focuses on improving the overall personality and confidence of the participants. Grooming and training sessions were held where contestants prepared in various aspects to enhance self-confidence while walking the ramp, personality enhancement, nutrition, fitness and other areas of development that are needed to become a professional model.

Dr Jagdeesh Chandra, CEO & Editor -in -Chief of the National News Channel Bharat 24 (Vision of New India), First India (A Daily English Newspaper) & CMD First India News says “Beauty pageants are a lot more than just being pretty. It’s a dream of many aspiring ladies to wear the crown and here at First India Queen we provide an opportunity and a platform to those young women who want to achieve their dreams and make a mark in the field of modelling”

”First India Queen” is curated by Blanckanvas Media and the finale was choreographed by Parimal Mehhta. Apart from cash incentives, and gorgeous crowns were crafted by SVAR Fine Jewellery, the winners also won Brand endorsements and SM influencer contracts, calendar shoots and more.


Blanckanvas Crafting Kaleidoscopes – Grooming and Brand Association Partner
Bharat 24 & First India – Media Partner
Ira – Content Partner
Parram Parraa – Designing Partner
SVAR fine Jewelry – Crowning Partner
91.1 FM Radio City – Radio Partner
Khalid Ansari – IP Consultant
Kinesiis – Fitness Partner
Regal Shoes – Footwear Partner
HSM school of make-up and hair – Hair & Makeup Partner
Frizzano Sparkling Wine – Pouring Partner
Dr Nida Khateeb’s Dentokraftt – Smile Partner
Caffeine Crew – Gifting Partner
Sun Studio Maxxi Talreja – Designing Partner
Skin Works – Skincare Partner
Statements – Jewellery Partner
Occasions – Celebration Partner
Essence Productions – Photography Partner
Aneesdeen label – Designing Partner
Kapil Chiraniya- Fashion photographer

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