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Fangirl bags a pivotal role in her favourite show on television



&TV show Baal Shiv, popular for its portrayal of Lord Shiva’s Baal Roop, presents yet another high point by showcasing Baal Parvati as Devi Katyayani in the show. The character of Devi Katyayani will be essayed by newbie Trisha Ashish Sarda, who is one of the biggest fans of the show and especially of Aan Tiwari, who plays the title role of Baal Shiv. Incidentally, Trisha’s strong desire to meet the cast led little Trisha to bag the role.
Revealing the story behind Trisha getting the opportunity to play Devi Katyayani in &TV’s Baal Shiv, Trisha’s mother Sapna Sarda says, “Trisha and I are big fans of the show and watch it regularly. Aan especially has been Trisha’s favourite, and she adores him a lot and is in awe of Devi Parvati, Shivya Pathania’s look. She told me to help her dress up like her one day and even insisted on meeting them. So, I tried reaching out to the team via social media and finally figured out a contact. The team was busy then and told me they would get back. We were so excited that we even clicked Trisha’s picture, aping Shivya’s look and sent it to them. Suddenly, after four or five months, I received a call from the production team asking if I was okay to let Trisha audition for a role. Honestly, I was taken aback as the only thought we had was to meet the cast, but we excitedly agreed to the auditions. Trisha had never acted before, so everything was completely new to her and us. After the initial audition and the look test, the team told us they would require her to stay back for a couple of more days for a training workshop. And as luck would have it or maybe destiny, Trisha was shortlisted for Baal Parvati’s role. I believe the team had been on the lookout for a face for a long time and had auditioned about 250+ child artists over many months before zeroing in on Trisha. With Mahadev’s blessings, our little Trisha will be making her debut on television with her favourite Baal Shiv ”. Taking about Trisha’s character in the show, she added, “Devi Katyayani was born at Sage Katayana’s ashram after being pleased with his penance and considered a destroyer of all evil. She is one of the strongest incarnations of Goddess Durga, who destroyed Mahishasura by riding on a lion given by goddess Parvati.”
Watch ‘Trisha Ashish Sarda as Devi Katyayani’ in &TV’s Baal Shiv, airing every Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm!

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