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EORTV’s I Love Us 3: A Tale of Passion, Betrayal, and Love



EORTV, India’s first OTT and web streaming platform to curate and produce LGBTQ content, has released a new song from its hit franchise ‘I Love Us 3 – Tu Meri Aashiqui Hai’. The song ‘Ve Mahi Teri Yaad Aarey’ composed by LK Laxmikant and lyrics by Ashok Jharia Shafaq is a melodious number that captures the essence of love and memories. The song features glimpses of the love story between the two main lead female characters and their varied moods when in love.

The series follows the journey of two female protagonists played by Mahima Gupta and Bushra Shaikh, who play lesbians for the first time on Indian television. The show portrays the struggles of the LGBTQ community in India and highlights their love story that faces societal barriers. The series is directed by Digvvijay Siingh and has received critical acclaim for its bold and passionate encounters.

The release of the new song has further piqued the interest of fans who are eagerly waiting for the finale of the series that will stream live on EORTV on the 18th of March 2023. According to reports, ‘I Love Us 3’ has continuously topped the viewership chart week on week and has received a lot of love from fans.


Deepak Pandey, CEO of EORTV, shares that music has been an integral part of the show’s success in reaching its audiences and viewers. He says, “This song is the kind of music everyone will relate to. It’s soulful, the lyrics are very relatable, the music is smooth, and has the wonderful voice of LK Laxmikant.”

The web series has been a hit franchise for EORTV, and its success has been credited to its authentic portrayal of LGBTQ relationships and the struggles faced by the community in India. The series has been successful in breaking the stereotypes and taboos surrounding same-sex relationships in India and has been widely appreciated by the LGBTQ community.

The show’s popularity has also been attributed to its talented cast and crew, who have brought the story to life with their exceptional acting and direction. Mahima Gupta and Bushra Shaikh have delivered a powerful performance as the lead characters, and their chemistry has been widely praised by fans.

The show’s success is a testament to the changing attitudes of Indian audiences towards LGBTQ content.

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