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One Fifth Avenue: A Surprising Novel that Explores the Complexities of Wealth and Social Status



Karishma Raj Soni on World Book And Copyright Day: Had no intentions of picking up One Fifth Avenue

As the world celebrated World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, actor, model, and entrepreneur Karishma Raj Soni took the opportunity to express her love for reading and the book that she holds closest to her heart – One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. In an interview, Karishma shared how this novel surprised her, as it was not the kind of title that she would usually pick up. However, as she delved into the story, she found herself engrossed in the complex lives of the inhabitants of One Fifth Avenue.

One Fifth Avenue is the place to live, and the novel centers on the lives of some of the more important people that inhabit the building. It is a social commentary on real estate, the wealthy, and the lengths people will go to maintain their image and status. Candace Bushnell’s research shines through as she delves into the details of real estate, fashion, and lifestyle, just like she did in Sex and the City.


The novel explores the lives of the inhabitants of One Fifth Avenue, their relationships, their marriages, and their struggles to maintain their status in society. The characters are distinct, and their personal traits are well-defined. However, Karishma admits that in the beginning, she had a problem keeping track of all the inhabitants and their relationships. Once she was able to distinguish them, the novel became more enjoyable.

“Once I was able to distinguish them and their personal traits, I really started enjoying the book. One Fifth Avenue is the place to live. And this book centres on some of the more important people that inhabit the building. It is really a social commentary about real estate, the rich, how people will do almost anything to keep people from knowing what is wrong with their marriages and lives. Candice really did her research because she talks about real estate (and at times jewellery, clothes, etc) like she would show in Sex In The City.

But it is also about the people that do not have money to live at One Fifth Avenue and the lengths they will go to live there. There is enormous pressure on the families that the book focuses on to maintain their image and keep making sure they do not have someone plotting behind their back to sell their place at One Fifth Avenue to someone with more money,” she adds. The other problems the book highlights are jobs, marriages, children, infidelity, life and death.

“You find yourself rooting for some characters, while hoping the others will get what is coming to them. I was not sure that the author was going to be able to wrap up all the loose ends as I got closer to the end of the book, but she did wonderfully. I am not rich, and I probably never will be. This book is an indication of what having money can do to you. I did enjoy this book and it is what I like to call a good summer read. I may check out more from Candace Bushnell,” she ends.

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