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Grammy Nominee Shilpa Rao and Pop Rock Duo Faridkot Team Up with T-Series for New Music Single



Bollywood singer Shilpa Rao and pop rock duo Faridkot have announced their collaboration with T-Series for a new music single, marking their first collaboration with the label for a non-film song. Both artists took to their social media to share the news, leaving fans excited for what’s to come.

Shilpa Rao, who is known for her soulful voice and has given many Bollywood hits such as “Ghungroo” and “Malang,” shared her excitement for the collaboration. She said, “This is my first collab and video with T-series and really looking forward to it because it depicts a very beautiful bond between two souls. This is something straight from the heart and hope the listeners will enjoy it.”

Faridkot, the pop rock duo consisting of Inderjeet (IP) Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal, rose to fame with their chartbuster song “Jehda Nasha” and have been known for their unique sound. They also expressed their excitement for the collaboration with T-Series, stating, “We’re really excited to join hands with T-Series once again and this time for a single. This one is very close to our hearts and it’s going to be a treat for the listeners’ ears.”


Although it is unclear whether the artists are collaborating together for the single or if it is an independent collaboration with the label, fans are eagerly waiting for the release. Shilpa Rao and Faridkot have both worked with T-Series previously for film songs, but this marks their first time collaborating for a non-film song.

T-Series, the largest music label in Asia, has been known for its collaborations with top artists in the industry and producing chart-topping hits. The label has been instrumental in promoting independent music in India and has given a platform to new and upcoming artists to showcase their talent.

With the collaboration of such talented and unconventional artists, the expectations for the new music single are high. Fans are looking forward to seeing the unique sound and style that Shilpa Rao and Faridkot will bring to the table.

Shilpa Rao has been making waves in the music industry since the beginning of her career with her distinctive vocal texture and has won several awards and nominations for her work, including a Grammy nomination. On the other hand, Faridkot has been known for its unconventional style and has created a niche for themselves in the pop rock genre.

The music industry has been evolving rapidly in recent years, with independent music gaining popularity among the listeners. Collaborations between artists from different genres and backgrounds have become common, and it has given rise to a new wave of music in India.


The collaboration of Shilpa Rao and Faridkot with T-Series for a new music single has left fans excited and eagerly waiting for the release. With the talent and uniqueness that both artists bring to the table.

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