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From Junior Artist to Social Media Star: The Inspiring Journey of Rahul Bhatia



Rahul Bhatia’s journey from a struggling junior artist to a social media star earning 3-4 lakhs per Instagram post is nothing short of inspiring. The Delhi guy initially faced a dearth of opportunities to work in the film and television industry, but his determination to make it big eventually paid off.

Bhatia’s passion for acting and dancing led him to take formal dance training from Shiamak Davar, where he met his best friend, the late Sushant Singh Rajput. While the training helped him get work, it wasn’t the kind of work he wanted to do. He started as a background dancer in the movie Aisha for the song Gal Mithi Mithi Bol and then worked as a junior artist coordinator in the movie 3 Idiots. However, he was paid only Rs 200 a day and often had to work for 12 hours instead of the promised 9-hour shift.

Despite the challenges, Bhatia continued to strive for success. He turned to social media, sharing his success story online that brought him everything he had ever dreamt of, especially fans who adore him. His YouTube and Instagram family played a crucial role in his success, and his reels have garnered a massive viewership. The slice of life content in his reels is a hit among the audience, and every reel he posts goes viral. Bhatia believes that people are shifting from cinema to OTT and are interested in short-form content, and the growth here is immense. He predicts that soon, social media influencers will start charging like film stars as per their reach.


Bhatia’s success story is not limited to social media fame. He is also an entrepreneur, managing his business in Delhi while pursuing his passion for acting and dancing. Bhatia believes that if someone has a passion for something, everything is possible with dedication and hard work.

Bhatia’s journey from a junior artist to a social media star is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and self-belief. He has overcome numerous challenges and has emerged as an inspiration for countless aspiring actors and social media influencers.

Bhatia’s story also highlights the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, with people increasingly turning to social media and OTT platforms for entertainment. The rise of short-form content and the massive growth of social media influencers have disrupted the traditional entertainment industry. With social media influencers gaining more reach and popularity, their earnings are set to rise to match that of film stars.

Bhatia’s success story is a reminder that success is not limited to a specific path or destination. It is a journey full of ups and downs, failures and successes, and requires unwavering determination, hard work, and self-belief. Bhatia’s journey from a junior artist to a social media star is a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams and achieve success in their chosen field.

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