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Arko and Jaan Kumar Sanu’s Latest Song “Sutta” is the Ultimate Weekend Party Anthem

Arko and Jaan Kumar Sanu’s Latest Song “Sutta” is the Ultimate Weekend Party Anthem



Arko and Jaan Kumar Sanu's Latest Song "Sutta" is the Ultimate Weekend Party Anthem

Arko Pravo Mukherjee, the renowned music composer and singer, has released a new peppy party track “Sutta” with Jaan Kumar Sanu and debutant Ravleen. The song is already creating a buzz in the music industry, and fans cannot stop grooving to its beats. The music video showcases the trio of Jaan, Arko, and Riya Roy dancing to the catchy tunes at the picturesque locations of Kashmir.

Arko revealed that he and his co-writer were looking for a change from their usual serious and soulful music genre. The duo aimed to create something that was fun and groovy, and that’s how the song “Sutta” was born. Arko also shared that the song’s lyrics, “Sutta chod de baby ji,” were inspired by his friends, who wanted him to create something fun and entertaining.

In the video, Jaan Kumar Sanu also features as the lead vocalist, showcasing his versatility as a singer. Arko expressed his admiration for Jaan’s talent and revealed that they have more songs in the pipeline. Arko was excited to work with Jaan as he had been closely associated with him for almost a year, and Jaan’s music style is primarily soulful and romantic.

The song has already received a positive response from the audience, and fans are praising the song’s catchy beats and lyrics. Arko’s fans are happy to see him return to the fun genre after delivering soulful compositions like Nazm Nazm, O Saathi, Dariya, Tere Sang Yaara, and Teri Mitti.


The music video’s scenic locations and the trio’s dance performance have also impressed the viewers. The song “Sutta” is a perfect weekend party track that will uplift your mood and make you groove to its beats.

Arko’s “Sutta” is a perfect example of how artists can experiment with different genres and still create chart-topping hits. Fans are eagerly waiting for Arko’s next release and can’t wait to see what he has in store for them.

Check out the song on YouTube and let us know your thoughts about Arko and Jaan Kumar Sanu’s latest release.

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