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Anupamaa POLL: Comparing Anuj Kapadia with Vanraj – Fair or Unfair?



Exploring the Comparison between Anuj Kapadia and Vanraj in Anupamaa.

Anupamaa, one of the most popular TV shows, has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline and stellar performances by the cast. The current track of the show has created a buzz among the audience, as Anuj Kapadia (played by Gaurav Khanna) has decided to break all ties with Anupamaa (played by Rupali Ganguly). Anuj’s emotional outburst and behavior towards Anupamaa have led to comparisons with her ex-husband, Vanraj (played by Sudhanshu Pandey).

In the recent episodes, Anuj blames Anupamaa for everything, including his daughter leaving with Maya. Devika, Anupamaa’s friend, confronts Anuj and accuses him of being too harsh on Anupamaa. She compares his behavior with that of Vanraj and states that there is no difference between the two.

The question arises – is it fair to compare Anuj with Vanraj? While both characters have displayed emotional turmoil and outbursts towards Anupamaa, their situations are vastly different. Anuj is going through a difficult time in his personal life, while Vanraj had an extramarital affair and never stood up for Anupamaa. Anuj’s decision to break ties with Anupamaa seems to be a consequence of his emotional turmoil, whereas Vanraj’s behavior towards Anupamaa was a result of his character flaws.


Comparing Anuj with Vanraj might seem unfair as the circumstances leading to their emotional outbursts are not the same. However, it is essential to understand that Anuj’s behavior towards Anupamaa has hurt her, and it is reasonable for her to feel the pain of her past trauma with Vanraj being triggered. Comparing Anuj with Vanraj might serve as a narrative device to show how Anupamaa is facing a similar situation with a different man.

The show’s writers might be trying to showcase how Anupamaa is trying to break free from the toxic relationships in her life and is standing up for herself. Comparing Anuj with Vanraj might be a way to show how Anupamaa is not willing to accept any toxic behavior towards her, even if it comes from a man she is emotionally attached to.

In conclusion, while comparing Anuj with Vanraj might seem unfair, it is necessary to understand that Anuj’s behavior towards Anupamaa has triggered her past trauma with Vanraj. Comparing the two characters might be a narrative device to show how Anupamaa is standing up for herself and breaking free from toxic relationships. It remains to be seen how the storyline unfolds, and whether Anupamaa can save her relationship with Anuj or whether Vanraj will come back into her life.

The show’s popularity and the audience’s engagement with the current track are a testament to the exceptional writing, direction, and performances by the cast. The show has been breaking stereotypes and showcasing strong female characters, making it a refreshing change from the usual regressive content on Indian television. Anupamaa has set a benchmark for the Indian TV industry, and we hope to see more such shows in the future.

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