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Ekta Sharma is happy to be part of the Dangal TV family after joining the hit show Mann Sundar!



Ekta Sharma is happy to be part of the Dangal TV family after joining the hit show Mann Sundar!

Actress Ekta Sharma who was doing the job at a call centre as she was not getting acting offers is finally doing Dangal TV’s Mann Sundar. Now the latest news is that the actress has got back to showbiz. She has just made an entry in the show Mann Sundar, where she plays a mother.

Resuming shoot after almost two years was a different experience for Ekta, who has done shows like Kkusum, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kamini-Damini, and Bepanah Pyaar. She shares, “Day one on the set made me so happy. Watching the creative team, co-actors, technicians, cameras… Everything made me feel like I had come back home. I have been missing this so badly.” So has she taken a break or quit her call centre job? She says, “Acting is my first love and I was not happy working at the call centre. Since I had no choice, I had to join it. After working there for almost a year, I was planning to join another company. I resigned from the call centre in the last week of September and when I was almost ready to join another company, I got a call from the team of Mann Sundar. Actually, I had auditioned for a role and had forgotten about it. When I got the call, I was so happy. Finally, I am doing what I loved the most. I am grateful to Dangal TV too”

Ekta plays Shivanshi Das’s mother, who is the negative lead in the show. Playing mom to a grown-up doesn’t bother Ekta. She says, “I have done it earlier in Bepanah Pyaar. Even playing a negative role does not bother me. I may not relate to a character, but yes when you portray such a character you should learn what never to do in life and also learn to differentiate between good and bad.” Sharing more about her role, she adds, “I come to this family as I want my daughter Anchal to get married to the hero and want his wife to get out of the house. Anchal and I keep planning and plotting against her.” Keep Watching Mann Sundar on Dangal TV at 8.30 PM.

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