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Dreamiyata’s hit show Udaariyan completes 500 episodes!

Dreamiyata’s hit show Udaariyan completes 500 episodes!



Dreamiyata's hit show Udaariyan completes 500 episodes!

Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, under the banner of Dreamiyata Entertainment, turned producers with Udaariyaan on Colors. The show instantly connected with its target audience and has recently completed 500 episodes.

Sargun Mehta says, “It was our first show as a producer on a GEC. It was made with a lot of passion and the audience has accepted it. It’s not only a triumph for Ravie and me, but it’s also a triumph for Dreamiyata entertainment, which allows us to acknowledge our dreams and bring them to life. We’d like to thank everyone in our cast, team, and audience for their encouragement and pushing us and our team to do our best for them”.

Ravie Dubey adds, “I am overjoyed and proud of the overwhelming support for our show Udaariyaan. We have completed 500 episodes and are really excited . It has been a very fortunate year for us. It has earned me and Sargun a significant amount of respect in this industry. It has also taught me that no dream is too small to pursue and never say no to your ambitions. I’d like to thank everyone in my audience for showing us so much love. We commit to keeping you entertained with more and more buzz from your and our favourite show, Udaariyaan. Dreamiyata Entertainment has inspired me and Sargun to never stop dreaming. I am confident that this is only a small step toward our ultimate goal”.

The show has recently taken a leap of 16 years and the new cast has Hitesh Bharadwaj, Twinkle Arora , Sonakshi Batra.


Keep watching Udaariyan on Colors TV at 7:00PM

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