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Dr. Priya Kaul turns author, releases debut book You’re a Healer: This book will help everyone understand the meaning of a balanced life



“This book is all about understanding yourself and all the challenges that are bringing unhappiness in your life and then working towards having a happy life. Also, this book will help everyone to understand the meaning of a balanced life, filled with positivity, happiness, and contentment,” she says.
 “The title of the book came as a download. I have been working on a mission for a decade now. And, my mission is to see a healer in a house. So while working on this one thing, which I always said is to believe in yourself that you have the power of creation and you are the creator of your universe, this book came about. Therefore what would be better than this title, ‘You are a healer,” she adds.
Priya thinks every individual has healing as well as manifesting power. “ You might have observed that when we keep on repeating one sentence with all good intentions and feeling that something happens, eventually when we know the correct way of manifesting, you would know what wonders we can do. Also, as we all know, our body has the capability of healing itself. My book will guide you as to how to do that practically,” she shares. Reading a book on healing and taking practical healing sessions are two different things. But both have their own benefits. “It’s like cooking your own food and enjoying it. Going to a restaurant ordering food and then enjoying it both will fulfill your hunger, but self-cooking is something that will nurture your soul too and also will give you a new tool to survive. The same goes with healing and self-healing, you would be able to help yourself and once you are completely healed you can help others too. So, I always recommend for some time you can get the healing done for yourself but for life-long happiness and balance, learn any healing modality and nurture yourself,” she urges. There are too many books on healing, making readers spoilt for choice. “What I can say is that additional knowledge is a soul’s retreat. In my book, I have shared my way of experiencing life and how to make it positive and productive. I am sure all people who will invest their time in reading my book will surely take something back and will also thank me for their experience and knowledge that they would gain while reading this book,” she ends.

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