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Dr Priya Kaul talks about training celebrities in healing



Dr. Priya Kaul is a noted spiritual healer and life coach. She is the founder of Empowerment of Holistic Energy and has won several awards and acclamations. She has many people, from various walks of life and from across the world, seeking her for healing or enlightenment. Some of these people are celebrities like Tannaz Irani, Sucheta Khanna and Maninee De among others. Talking about her experience of working with the glitterati, she says, “My experience with them has been amazing. They are all quite down-to-earth, open-minded and receptive to accepting changes and starting life anew.”

Tannaz, we hear, is learning Reiki from Dr Kaul. Talking about it, the life coach shares, “I have been taking online classes and sessions since 2015 as most of my clients are from different states and countries during COVID-19. It also helped me in connecting with more people because of the boom in applications.”

She continues to give details of her classes, “I took online reiki course level-1 and level-2 online via zoom during which I interacted with people from USA, Dubai, Mumbai (with Tannaz Irani ji) and from Delhi (Dr. Kapil J, a senior neurosurgeon). I am thankful to all on social media for the support system in reaching our audience.”

When asked if there was a difference when dealing with the public vis-à-vis the layman, Dr Kaul says, “Some celebrities are already into spirituality. In fact, even the general public are now starting to believe in their own power. This is the reason why I chose to write a book. I wish everyone would understand and believe the power of their mind and trust that they all have the ability to be a healer.”


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