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Children’s Day: Ankur Nayyar says, today’s generation of kids are the luckiest



Children’s Day: Ankur Nayyar says, today’s generation of kids are the luckiest

While they may not have too many empty green patches to run around or trees to climb, today’s kids have so much more, says actor Ankur Nayyar. The actor adds that, thanks to technology, today’s kids are smarter than what we were.

“They are not missing out on anything. I think if you probably speak to them, look at them and observe them closely, they are the luckiest generation. They have everything, they have access to phones, access to the way they are so digitally advanced, we’re nowhere close to them. Now, because of globalization, the access that they have, at the age of 2 to 5 is tremendous. They are already like global citizens. It’s not like that they look up to someone,” he says.

He adds, “My daughter is seven years old, and she has been born and brought up in Mumbai. She’s a complete global citizen. Today’s kids are much smarter than what we were at our time. And definitely, they are not lagging behind in anything. You put them in any situation, and they know what to do.”

Talking about his own childhood, Ankur says, “We used to play a lot of outdoor activities, I remember going cycling for a long time, climbing trees and all those kinds of outdoor activities. That is where I think our childhood days were different from kids nowadays. And I could say that because I am from Bhutan, a small place. When we were growing up, there was no space constraint. There was so much open space, so much greenery around us. We would play cricket, go cycling and climb walls.”


He adds, “We spent some great times at our home. When you grow up, you realize the importance of your parents’ home. That is one thing I miss. I remember the great times we’ve spent as kids with our friends and cousins. For even the smallest of festivals, we would go all-out as family, together. When we were kids, we used to like to go somewhere or the other on our vacations. I remember going out and spending some great times there. We used to go cycling. We have enjoyed every bit of our childhood.”

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