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“Character Khanderao has given me a chance to apply all my acting techniques… Gaurav Amlani.”



In an actor’s life, every once in a while, a role comes around that demands just a little bit more. From picking up the nuances of the scene to getting into the skin of the character, an actor is required to exhibit the right emotions in with each scene. Sony Entertainment Television’s period drama Punyashlok Ahilyabai that stars actors Gaurav Amlani and Aetashaa Sansgiri in pivotal roles of Khanderao and Ahilyabai Holkar have been pushing boundaries as they perform with utmost conviction, and are giving their absolute best.  
In the on-going track, Malhar Rao Holkar gives Ahilya a coveted position in his Darbar, a first in those times. While Ahilya’s husband Khanderao Holkar has always acknowledged her noble work, this time too he will be supportive of the decision made by his father for Ahilya. As she starts getting involved into the critical matters of the kingdom, this new chapter of her life will create differences and issues between Khanderao and her. Through the upcoming track, viewers will witness how Khanderao will often be in a conflicted state of mind as Ahilya plays a pivotal role in the darbar. 
Actor Gaurav Amlani who has been receiving rave reviews for his nuanced portrayal of ‘Khanderao Holkar’, shares in detail about his preparation for this complex current track, “Playing Khanderao’s character has so much potential and range of emotions for an actor. It is just beautiful and extremely rare at the same time, especially for television. There are so many layers to him that unfold with every new phase and chapter in the storyline. He is aspirational, ambitious, strong-headed, unpredictable, extreme with his emotions and has a very emotional & romantic side to him at the same time. There are so many shades and areas, so much to explore as an actor that I actually learn so much through him everyday. While he wants to be happy and supportive of Ahilya, but there is always something or the other that causes a divide between the two. It is important to understand the great emotional complexity this character comes with. Playing such a nuanced character only makes me richer as an actor. I work hard and try to give my best every day”
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