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Celebrities takes a stand for Ankit Gupta; say jail task result unfair



Celebrities takes a stand for Ankit Gupta; say jail task result unfair

Last night Bigg Boss 16 house witnessed a ‘satta badal’ task where the new raja Ankit Gupta could lose his ‘satta’. In this task, the garden area was turned into a ‘BB jail’ wherein Raja Ankit must choose six house members whom he believes won’t take away his captainship. While giving the verdict for the task Ankit was strongly criticised by Bigg Boss himself. But Ankit’s fans and fellow celebrities were in no mood to listen. Ankit being a calm person always played fair. He found loopholes in the task and aced it. Quite naturally the social media has strong reactions against this and some strong feedback which only shows how capable he is. Undoubtedly Ankit Gupta is the smartest player in the house. He is not only winning various games as a contestant, but also hearts. Celebs like Gauhaur Khan and Rajiv Adatia have posted their reactions on social media. Rajiv wrote,”By seeing the task I don’t think Ankit was unfair! He was using the loop holes in the tasks to make it fair! He did things that were technically allowed! #bb16. Bigg Boss title holder Gauahar Khan says,”How can six on 1 be a fair play ???? How will it ever have any result ! This is clearly soooooooo crazy ! Kaarya ke shart ke anusaar toh bohat saare tasks mein sanchaalak ne apni manmmanee chalaiyi hai . Tabhi toh biggboss ne aisa judgement paas nahi kiya tha ??? Sooooo unfair !”

Ankit is clearly winning the audience’s heart. He is silently doing it through his actions. The time will come when Bigg Boss himself will applaud him for his genuine efforts. On the other hand fan-clubs are not happy; they feel Ankit Gupta has been continuously targeted in the house. It’s his calmness and smart moves that is helping him ingore all.