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Bigg Boss’s new analysis Guru Ankit Gupta!



Bigg Boss's new analysis Guru Ankit Gupta!

Bigg Boss may be loved or hated–but not ignored–by the audience as they enjoy seeing the true personalities of their favourite contestant. While netizens and the audience love watching Ankit Gupta involved in fights, romances, friendships, controversies and what not, one thing that piques our interest is his savage replies and analysis towards the game.

The havoc in the Bigg Boss house comes to a halt with a new captaincy task that had Sajid Khan’s favourite housemates combating the non-favourite ones. Bigg Boss called the non-favourites to the activity area that has five face busts with the names of the five favourites written on them.

On the command of ‘Bigg Boss’, one of the non-favourites had to get the favourite one to perform a task mentioned in the scroll. However, all the non-favourite ones failed; therefore, Sajid did not lose the captaincy. But the way Ankit explained the whole situation to Priyanka was commendable. He said, there is unity in the other team and which makes it strong. This one sentence made everybody feel the same. Making everyone analyse the task once again from his point of view and which was bang on!

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