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Bigg Boss: Nimrit gives Sumbul some sound advise!



Bigg Boss: Nimrit gives Sumbul some sound advise!

Seems like the rest of the week is going to be rather eventful for actress Sumbul Touqeer. Besides a lot of action in the captaincy task, we also see a new friendship brewing between Sumbul and Nimrit Ahluwalia. The actress got the chance to win the next captaincy with 4 others- Shaalin, Priyanka, Tina and Saundarya 

Saundarya was the jailor in the first round, For the second round she convinced Priyanka and Shaalin saying how strong she is if this is the task of using strength. And Priyanka believes in her as well as Shaalin. And, Sumbul becomes the jailor for the second round. 

She plays the role of jailor in the task. Bigg Boss gives an activity that the jailor has to make the prisoners do as he wishes. But Shiv manages to escape.

Later, Sumbul and Nimrit have a conversation where sumbul talks about how Shalin was trying to have a conversation with her during the task. 


Nimrit tells Sumbul that when he was trying to have an conversation with Sumbul, instead of telling him to stay away from her because she has hurt him earlier, you could have told him, ‘Listen, I want to stay away from you and also I want to stick to the promise that I made to my father because my father also wants me to stay away from you.’

Nimrit later explains to Sumbul that she sometimes flips when it comes to Shalin because they were close! Also now, Shalin is doing that because he has got validation from Salman sir that Sumbul is not attracted to him.