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Bhavik Mehta’s Thinkin’Birds is climbing its way to the top as a leading design agency in the hospitality sector.



Bhavik Mehta

Bhavik Mehta is the Brand Chief at Thinkin’Birds and has to 90+ National & International hospitality brands for more than 9 years. Thinking Birds Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a branding and content-driven agency, headquartered in Nagpur. They provide services like brand designing, product packaging, communication designs, in-store branding, portfolio website, rebranding, social media content creation, product photography, and videography.

Though Thinkin’Birds has worked with a lot of clients over the past 9+ years, most of the clients are from the hospitality sector

Bhavik Mehta
Bhavik Mehta

. The hospitality industry across the world is constantly evolving which entails with it the fact that a solution that worked for a brand six months ago will not work today. In such massive competition being efficient is not walking in the park.

Bhavik never thought of himself just as a design agency but thought as a troubleshooter and problem solver for his clients. This mantra provided Thinkin’Birds with the opportunity to be long-term problem solvers for clients and work is incredibly satisfying from a value proposition perspective. Thinkin’Birds will be completing a decade in the business this 2023. Their journey started with 5people founding team, now a team of 32 with niche services catering to their clients with design and content solutions. Bhavik believes rebranding can do wonders for a legendary brand. It is a great sales tool to reach out to new audiences and customers and grow your target audience.

Having expertise in conceptualizing and creating brand identities, he has also pioneered the concept of creative sales. He has been annex-marketing faculty for over 12 years now. He has also been an Indian Achievers and Brand ImpactAwardee. The agency services on a retainer basis with a talented and dedicated team of professionals throughout the year.


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