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Audiences Are In For a Surprise”, Confirms Rayyan Siddiqui, The Founder of Enreel Films & Entertainment.



They say that to turn your vision into reality, your experiences play a huge role and Rayyan Siddiqui is a living example of it. India’s youngest creative producer, Rayyan Siddiqui has worked his way up to success and today he is one of the most prominent personalities in the Indian Entertainment Industry.
While the popularity of OTT platforms is surging with each passing day, Rayyan Siddiqui took this opportunity and became one of the youngest creative producers while debuting for Client no.7 by ULLU Productions. Not only that, he has also as an executive producer for several brand’s advertisement & collaborated with social media influencers directly as a freelancer.
Today, he is the owner of Enreel Films & Entertainment which is an emerging production company. The team is committed to ensuring people get different content. On asking further about upcoming projects, he says, ” I can assure that the audiences are in for a surprise. There are several projects with many A-listed celebrities in the pipeline so I request the audience to stay tuned.”
Rayyan Siddiqui has also featured in many short films and web series which allowed him to gain extensive knowledge about the Entertainment Industry and how things usually go around. At the age of 19, not only has he achieved several milestones but also has exemplified the power of determination and hard work.
Rayyan Siddiqui is also a proud owner of Enreel Studio which is a Noida-based performing arts & recording studio. To date, he has worked in several domains of the entertainment industry including being a producer of the music video Watan by Rohan Benjamin which was associated with One Digital Entertainment. He has also worked as a production manager for various magazine shoots & short films.
Enreel Films & Entertainment is slowly but surely rising to the heights it deserves. The entire team is committed to entertaining people by producing content from various domains. Rayyan Siddiqui also confirms the rumors of the upcoming projects which means people are going to get some really good content in the form of short films & web series. Reaching this level of success isn’t an overnight procedure. Rayyan had to strive hard to turn his vision into reality. The future might be uncertain but we are sure that no matter how challenging things might get, Rayyan would never give up.

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