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Ashrit Wadhwa: Chasing his Passion for Storytelling through Directing



Ashrit Wadhwa, the budding director in the Indian film industry, always had a keen interest in the camera, but not as an actor like his father. Instead, he pursued his passion for storytelling by directing films, short films, and web series. With five years of experience in the showbiz industry, Wadhwa shares his views on the changing trends in casting and content, the impact of social media, and his inspirations as a director.

Wadhwa’s latest web series, Kode Lag Gaye Ji (KLGJ), streaming on MX Player, is a simple and relatable story shot in a good location with good actors. The story revolves around a young couple facing parental disapproval for their relationship and wanting to run away. Although Wadhwa and his team initially thought about roping in someone with a significant social media presence, they ultimately chose Samridh Bawa for his acting skills and decent social media presence. As a director, Wadhwa believes in working with good actors and tells stories that connect with the audience.

Wadhwa’s journey as a director started with his bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, but it was the practical experiences that helped him the most. He draws inspiration from several directors and projects, including Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, and Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Wadhwa appreciates the uniqueness of each project and the director’s signature style that sets them apart.


As Wadhwa reflects on his five-year stint in showbiz, he notes the emerging trend of casting actors based on their social media following rather than their talent. While he understands the need to create commercially viable projects, he believes that good acting skills should always be a priority. Wadhwa acknowledges the impact of social media but stresses the importance of recognizing and rewarding talent.

Wadhwa also comments on the OTT boom and its impact on content creation. He agrees that OTTs are here to stay, but content creators need to be more selective and focus on creating unique content that stands out. Wadhwa acknowledges that both television and OTT have their own space, and it is up to the creators to leverage their strengths and deliver compelling content.

In terms of his future plans, Wadhwa would love to explore all mediums, including television, films, and OTT. However, he is currently working on a film project that he hopes to direct soon. Wadhwa’s passion for storytelling and his dedication to creating unique and relatable content make him a promising director to watch out for in the Indian film industry.

Ashrit Wadhwa’s journey as a director is a testament to his love for storytelling and his commitment to creating engaging content. As he continues to navigate the changing trends in the industry, Wadhwa remains focused on his craft and his passion for storytelling. With his talent and vision, Wadhwa is sure to create more inspiring and relatable stories that connect with audiences and leave a lasting impact on the Indian film industry.

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