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Anu Aggarwal talks about the importance of travelling this World Tourism Day



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Actor Anu Aggarwal says that this World Tourism Day, it’s important to understand how tourism has a positive impact on people, and how travelling helps in expanding horizons. Talking about her own experience, she says, “I just think we need to rethink the tourism model to improve the tourist’s experience. We can better manage the impacts of tourism to encourage positive spillover effects on our wider economy. I have had the opportunity to travel a lot internationally through modelling and then shooting and I have many favourites, but Bali, Indonesia I would choose as the most for its spiritual feeling that exists there.”

She adds, “I have travelled all the way mostly on work and took a couple of extra days for holiday when I was there. Modelling made me travel a lot internationally but recently it is my research in yoga-mindfulness Anufun that has taken me to speak and share presentations in places like Barcelona, Ibiza, Bali which are beautiful travel destinations as well. From Australia to Europe to America, Africa etc. and some Nordic cities as well.”

Travelling has always been beneficial for the actress. “Travelling to different destinations opens your mind and is fantastic for gaining knowledge about different cultures and their lifestyles. I love eating, food and also cooking different cuisines. I love getting to know about different kinds of food habits. Like, the first time in 1992, I was taken to Thailand for a fashion show where I was a show stopper, I got their masalas. I loved the food so much. Now I love to spend time in the Himalayas. Meditation took me to places like Kutch, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj where I lived and learnt to meditate, the nature of the human mind and how to manage it to get the best out of life,” she says.

She adds, “Each place you travel to is amazing and offers a lot to learn but now my favourite place is my own mind. I travel inside me, looking at my thoughts with a clear, non-judgemental open mind, and the results are unbelievable. My healing happened through mind-travel.”