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Anil Singh says “Midday Meeal is one of those movies which has a very strong message like Akshay Kumar’s Toilet – Ek Prem Katha” starring actor Ranvir Shorey In it



Anil Singh says "Midday Meeal is one of those movies which has a very strong message like Akshay Kumar's Toilet - Ek Prem Katha" starring actor Ranvir Shorey In it

We would all adore “Midday Meals” while we were in school, so it’s a big deal that a movie was made about that. Anil Singh is all set to become a popular celebrity due to his charismatic directing and acting abilities. Anil the captain of the ship who directed, acted, and even produced the film sometime back revealed the first poster for his forthcoming Bollywood film Midday Meeal. After receiving a lot of positive feedback for the initial poster, the actor released the official poster for the film on social media.

Anil Singh has now spoken over the strong message that the movie has to offer to its fans he says, “My movie is going to be focused on one of those things which we all have personally enjoyed in our school days. Midday Meeal is the kind of movie, which will set back a strong message in the minds of the audience I always wanted to do something for the welfare of society but through the medium of entertainment and Midday Meeal is one of those best mediums through which I will allow the audience to take that strong message along with them.” A movie like Toilet – Ek Prem Katha by Akshay Kumar which made the audience aware of what all the rural women have to face and fight is in the same comparison with my movie, Midday Meeal which will depict the various pros and cons in a powerful sense. I am really looking forward to it and just hoping for the best” exclaims the captain of the ship Anil Singh

Recently, Anil Singh unveiled the poster for his film, Midday Meeal, which is challenging to understand yet very entertaining and raises many issues in people’s heads. When the poster was released, the audience took a storm over the internet when Anil Singh revealed the cast, which also featured Ranvir Shorey as the negative lead. The teaser will be released in the coming week so stay tuned.