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Akull - I'm Flyin (Official Video) | Kumaar | VYRL Originals

After releasing the club hit Gadbadi with VYRL Originals last year, Akull is back in the new year with a feel-good single “I’M Flyin”. The song is ideal for long drives with your special one, as its fresh and breezy and exudes an infectious energy.

The song, sung and composed by Akull, has a beautifully shot video against some eye-catching backdrops and showcases some stunning visuals that highlight the glamour and glitz associated with Akull’s videos.

Elaborating further about the song, Akull states, “Today’s young audiences are gravitating towards songs that convey their feelings in a light, groovy, and relaxed vibe. I’M Flying is a romantic song made with a fresh, flowing sound in mind. Its youthful, its uber-cool and has a tune that sticks. As always, I hope this song receives immense love and support from my fans”.

Akull is one of the few artists who has tapped into the pulse of the young audiences through his tracks consistently over the years. His USP lies in the distinctive melodies that he creates with catchy beats: something that instantly has high recall value and becomes an earworm with people. His steady rise from the fringes of independent music to the field of mainstream Hindi pop has been quite remarkable, and his fame has transcended geographical boundaries and age groups. His tracks Laal Bindi, Laal Chunariya, I Love You, Yaad na Aaye are perennial club favorites.


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