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Actor Vaarun Bhagat left speechless after watching Kapil Sharma’s masterpiece ‘Zwigato’



On Thursday night, Bollywood celebrities were treated to a special screening of Kapil Sharma’s latest film ‘Zwigato’ by Applause Entertainment. Actor Vaarun Bhagat, who is part of the Applause family and has starred in major hits like ‘Undekhi 2’, ‘Aar Ya Paar’, and ‘Udaan Patolas’, was left astonished after watching the film.

Vaarun looked dapper in an oversized white shirt paired with vertically designed pants, accessorized with black spectacles and a cross-body fanny pack. After the screening, he couldn’t stop praising the film, saying, “It’s an absolutely flawless film. The entire team, Kapil and everyone else, has done a brilliant job, and Shahana Goswami is absolutely flawless. It’s masterfully directed by Nanditha Raj. The whole team of Applause Entertainment, Sameer Nair Sir, and Deepak Segal sir, have done such a beautiful job with the film, I loved it, it’s a must-watch.”

Vaarun’s reaction to the film has left audiences eager to experience the masterpiece for themselves. The film has been praised for its portrayal of the life and struggles of people in a particular space, which Vaarun noted was done beautifully and subtly.


On the work front, Vaarun has been busy with various projects, including starring in the series ‘Udan Patolas’ and ‘Dulha Wanted’. He has also received critical acclaim for his roles in ‘Undekhi 2’ and ‘Aar Ya Paar’, as well as for his music debut with T-Series’ hit single ‘BIBA’ alongside Giorgia Andriani.

Vaarun has two upcoming series that are yet to be announced, and fans are eagerly awaiting news about these projects. With his impressive track record and incredible talent, it’s clear that Vaarun Bhagat is a rising star in Bollywood.

It seems that Vaarun Bhagat was thoroughly impressed by Kapil Sharma’s film Zwigato, which he watched at a special screening organized by Applause Entertainment. He was left speechless and in awe of the film’s portrayal of the struggles and life of people in a particular space. Vaarun praised the entire team, including director Nanditha Raj, lead actress Shahana Goswami, and the producers Sameer Nair and Deepak Segal for their excellent work in creating a flawless film. He also recommended the film as a must-watch.

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