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Actor Nikhil Nanda shares his take on International Men’s Day



Actor Nikhil Nanda shares his take on International Men’s Day

Today (19th November) is celebrated as International Men’s Day. It is an occasion to celebrate achievements and contributions of men across the world. It also aims to promote basic awareness towards men’s issues. Men hardly express their emotions as openly as women and are secretive too. We asked actor Nikhil Nanda to share his point of view on this. He says,”Men are probably the most misunderstood human species. They speak less and contribute more. I think we all need to start thinking more positively towards the good part. The times are changing. By virtue of the way they are born and brought up, they don’t express themselves and they try to keep the pressure in their lives to themselves and not convey it to the family. The reason is that they feel responsible and feel that they have to keep their family away from any kind of difficulties that he is facing and still provide them with all the comforts.” He also adds,”So it’s a different world all together in which men operate. Because of certain historical mistakes about how men treated women, we have to put in extra effort to change the perception about men. We need to give them their dues. The responsibility they take, the stress that they hold – we need to acknowledge it