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Actor Aashna Kishore aka Kate is a secret chef!



The combination of good food and entertainment is a sheer delight that everyone craves. For &TV, known for its entertaining shows, plans to blend the best of both food and entertainment in the upcoming track of its show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, albeit with a funny twist. Aashna Kishore, known as Kate, will be seen in Chef Avatar for a competition but will fail miserably at preparing a dish. However, it was a challenging scene for the actor as she is a good cook in real life!
Talking about her love for food and cooking, Aashna Kishore, aka Kate from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares, “I am a foodie and love experimenting with the dishes I prepare at home. Even though I am not an everyday cook, the dishes I make turn out delicious, and everyone loves them. Although my mom did not allow me to enter the kitchen during my childhood as she was afraid that I would hurt myself, I started surprising her with my cooking skills as a teenager. Once she was sleeping, I made a special pulao following an online recipe, and she loved it. That’s how my cooking journey began, and that pulao is still known to be my speciality today.”
However, not everything goes right all the time. Aashna, who has a disastrous cooking moment in the upcoming show’s track, also faces similar challenges in real life. “Recently, I had made pancakes on my day off, but I got a work call and left it on the stove for too long. The pancake got burnt completely. So, now I have made a promise to myself to not answer any calls while cooking (Laughs).” When asked about her favourite dish and cuisine she wishes to learn, Aashna replies, “I am from Delhi, and I miss Ghar ka khana, especially Chole Bhature. Whenever I can make it, my friends love it. I love eating Mughlai food, so that is a cuisine I would like to try”.
Catch Aashna Kishore, aka Kate, in her Chef Avatar in the upcoming track of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, airing at 10:00 PM, every Monday to Friday only on &TV!

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