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Anu Aggarwal on Depp-Heard hearing: It was sad to see how personal private matters can be splashed out in public

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s six-week-long trial that has been making headlines came to an end recently with Depp winning the defamation case. Actor turned Yoga guru Anu Aggarwal talks about it and the world being obsessed with hearing. She also shares her opinions about the proceedings being televised as Penney Azcarate, the chief judge of Fairfax County (Va.) Circuit Court allowed the operation of two pool cameras by Court TV inside the courtroom. Many have spoken against Azcarate’s decision, highlighting how disturbing, unkind and unethical it is for the victims of sexual violence.
“It was interesting to see how a celebrity case of this nature can be taken forward. Of course the Indian law is different from the American proceedings,” she says.

On whether she is satisfied with the verdict, Anu adds, “The yoga mindfulness life especially as a monk has trained me to view a battle between two people not just objectively but more importantly from a non-judgmental viewpoint. Hence the verdict taken also depends on the karma of people. Whether I am pleased or displeased is of little importance. Justice is always given in its best capacity whether fair or not eventually.”
Talking about the format of televising the proceedings directly to the public, anu shares her disapproval. “It was sad to see how personal private matters can be splashed out in public; it just made me think of a remedy which would be if each person was more mindful and more caring and compassionate about his partner and that’s what my Anufun proposes to train people in. Now, whether the same should be done in India too or not is of little relevance as we are a totally different culture and social-political structure. However when you go deep within you find the country, colour etc, differences are external as inside each one of us is a mind that has hate, love, etc,” she says.
So what’s her take on the relationship? “Love is not just a four letter word. I feel in a relationship giving space to each other is of prime importance, while being there and in support for the other when they need it are also essential. The main thing is if people could learn to step aside from their own feelings and step into the shoes of the other person then they would be able to see more clearly what the other is going through. In my view a relationship should make each other blossom,” she ends.

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