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Qurbaan Hua: Alekh plans to kill Chahat and Neel, asks Ghazala to keep an eye on them

Sonali and Amir Jaffar's "Qurbaan Hua" will see a major revelation in the recent episodes. After Alekh's truth comes out in front of everyone, he runs away from there and reaches the same place where Vyaasji was kept captive, but unfortunately it was all Neel's plan to find the real Vyaasji.

In an attempt to save himself again, Alekh takes Vyaasji captive, but he fails miserably. Neel then ties him to a rope and drags him from there. He makes him rub his nose on Vyaasji’s leg and apologise. Naveli also slaps him a lot for spoiling her life for so many years. Alekh asks for forgiveness for the sake of Kripa but hearing this Neel says he and Chahat will be her parents from now on. 

Alekh's punishment doesn't end there, he is then dragged to the aangan where everyone puts black colour on his face. Neel ties him with a rope and makes him walk like that while everyone is hitting Alekh with stones and rotten tomatoes. Seeing all this, Ghazala calls Sahil for help. Sahil reaches there disguised as an inspector to arrest him. But he later reveals himself to Alkeh and lets him go.

While in the house, Mahant does the diya prajwalan, Alekh plans to kill Neel and Chahat. He asks Ghazala to keep an eye on them as she will be the one helping him in his wicked plan.

Will Alekh succeed in his plan? How will Ghazala help him? To know what happens next keep watching "Qurbaan Hua". The show features Pratibha Ranta, Rajveer Singh, Nishad Vaidya, Parakh Madan and Neelam Pathania, to name a few. It airs on Zee TV.

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