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Foxy Supermodel of India Meera Mitun Upcoming Webseries " Dreamy Nights " Cover Song " Kadalum Konjum" is hitting million raves !

 Meera Mitun, Foxy Supermodel of India , Viral Star after success of her biopic movie " Meera Enum Thamizhselvi " cover song " Costly Minicooper " has released her upcoming hot steamy webseries " Dreamy Nights " cover song " Kadalum Konjum" meaning Sea loves her .

It's a very beautiful tamil romantic song which shows the struggle of lovers even today and how the couple come across hurdles of love life leaving a societal message of parents approval and support is the first and foremost for lovers . 

So how the couple overcome all obstacles and finally recieve their parents blessings & support is all about the song. 

Hot Supermodel Meera Mitun is spotted in a completely traditional look of portraying 80s culture of tamilnadu beautifully portrayed and screenplayef by Supermodel herself . 

Director Vetri R and 11yrs old logamithra associate director has shaped the scenes apt crispy. 

Father role by Mr.Mullai has clean and sharp acting expressions of every dad emotions of worrying for son future . 

Mother role by actress Sathya has a very natural portrayal of her love for son.

Meera Mitun and her boyfriend Abishek has took the song on a new level portraying their love story in a different genre . 

Abishek has once again rocked the song with his quirky witty acting , being an international dancer , his dance pulls off audience to the song .

Abishek has acted very real portraying his lover for Supermodel, Meera Mitun.

When asked about song to Kollywood sensational Actress , Producer, Director, Supermodel says " My upcoming webseries " Dreamy Nights" has my real life story , " kadalum konjum" cover song is a beautiful explicit creation of lovers, their fights & struggles even at this century of freedom , also parents blessings & support always needed for love and life is what I want to conclude to the present generation of youth , I have done justice on the story and screenplay I believe . 

When asked her how do you react on trolls, she added  " I really don't know because it's been years trolls have become so common, no matter whatever trolls or negativity , We know our success, Our work speaks at the end of the day , our success is always loud. People who troll also earn money using my name . I have a good market and people use my name everywere and anywere and yea it's views, it's money , so I ignore negativity , it's also an outcome of jealousy, India has not developed the attitude of praising, complimenting, appreciating but mockery has got so common for even politicians. 

So I have taken my mindset to enioy trolls too " She smiles .

The bold and beautiful ravishing Meera Mitun is on peak of success and her secret of success is she avoids negativity and it's good to be the way how she faces the negativity when being successful.

We wish Our Own Indian Supermodel Hearty Wishes and We r so eager lookng forward for her Webseries " Dreamy Nights " and biopic " MeeraEnumThamizhselvi " .

Way to go Meera Mitun. 2021 is yours .

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