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Release of "Nathuniya Ke Dali" Worldwide Records Bhojpuri in the voice of Ankush Raja, Priyanka Singh

 The much awaited full two Dhamaal video of superhit singer Ankush Raja and Bhojpuri's new sensation Neelam Giri has been released by Song Nathuniya Ke Dali YouTube official channel of Worldwide Records on Bhojpuri.  In this song, this video song sung in the brilliant voice of singer actor Ankush Raja and singer Priyanka Singh is being liked very much.  The song video shows the full two Dhamaal performance of Ankush Raja and Bhojpuri's new sensation Neelam Giri.  This new blast of Bhojpuri Worldwide Records is being liked by Nathuniya Ke Dali, which has gone viral as soon as it is released.  In this song Ankush Raja in modern dress and Neelam Giri in stylish dress are seen rocking and banging.  In this song Neelam has done a lot of performance by performing amazingly.  This song written by Bose Rampuri and Rajni Rangeela is decorated with melodious music by Shishir Pandey.  The Guardian is Lakhan Baba and the video director is Aryan Dev.

 Neelam Giri, who came to the limelight with the immense success and popularity of the superhit Chhath song "Dhaniya Hamar Naya Bari Ho", has touched the heights of fame and now she is rocking her unique style in another tremendous video.  This new sensation Neelam Giri is becoming quite popular among Bhojpuri audiences.  Neelam Giri's pairing with superhit singer Ankush Raja has been quite a lot.  The video is very beautifully filmed.  Neelam Giri's killer performances have made this song wonderful.  In the video of this song, Neelam Giri has made everyone a fan of her own acting, dance and look.  Neelam Giri's performance and her acting ability are in the limelight.  Ankush Raja and Neelam Giri have performed so well in this song that it is going viral on social media as soon as released.

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